“Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry Are Buying Followers”

“Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are buying followers on Twitter” is something that I’ve come across many times over the past years. I’ve seen numerous articles about how some of the biggest pages and politicians on Twitter simply purchased fake followers and this isn’t the case… At least, not with these 3 and definitely not with my own accounts.

The articles that have been written stating the above have been written people who don’t really know how Twitter works, so here I am to clear things up in the form of a Q and A:

1) How come these accounts are followed by so many eggs, inactive accounts and spam users?

The more popular you become on Twitter, the more likely you are to show up as a suggested user. Take it from me, I didn’t purchase those inactive eggs that are following UberFacts online. Many of those accounts are people who joined Twitter, saw my account as a suggested user to follow, and never came back. It happens! We’re not buying these people to boost our follower count, it just can’t be helped.

2) How come these major accounts will lose a large number of followers in a short period of time?

Twitter routinely wipes inactive and spam accounts from the database. This can cause the follower account to go a bit… or a lot in a very short period of time. The next time Justin Bieber looses 500,000 followers, it’s not because the world hates him, it’s because all of those inactive eggs were trashed!

3) What if I wanted to buy followers? Would it be beneficial?

Not really. You can have 1 million followers, and not have any engagement – and this is where the real money is. When you see someone who has 900,000 followers, but usually gets about 10 – 20 retweets on any tweet, there’s a good chance that the person who runs that account really DID buy those followers.

4) Advertising your account on Twitter is the same as buying followers, right?

Not at all. When you advertise your Twitter account on Twitter, the people who follow you are real people, with a real interest in what you have to say. All industries revolve around advertisement… That’s the way life works these days.

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