The Worst Mistakes You Can Make On Twitter!

screen-shot-2012-07-08-at-8-45-25-pmI’m often asked many questions about the world of Twitter. Below, I’ll explain everything you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to getting people to follow you, getting ReTweets and getting people to click on your links (for my fellow Twitter advertisers).

If you want to grow your following, there’s really one rule you need to follow…

Tweet things that people will want to read! 

Do NOT tweet about what you’re eating for dinner (unless it’s the most expensive burger in the world, or a rare animal you ran 50 miles to catch… if you tweet about the latter, make sure you include pictures to prove it). I can’t count how many times I’ve read “Kris, get me more Twitter followers!” then clicked on the person’s timeline to see:

– Haven’t used the bathroom in 3 days….

– I can’t believe she said that

– I hate this class

-Did he really just say that?

The ONLY people who will be able to relate to what you’re saying (and they will be the only people who actually follow you, aside from pornbots) are your friends! Why? Because they’re the only ones who MIGHT have some clue as to what you’re talking about! It’s all about content. The best thing to do would be to tweet about what interests you! Are you a gamer? Do you see movies often? Find a niche – thumbs up for fun vocabulary.

Now, you may be asking “How do I even get people to notice my account?”

Well, hashtags are a great thing to use! But, not in excess because then you’ll just become annoying.

“Went to see Carrie with my best friends #besties #carrie #scarymovies #sogood #bacon”


Also, do a search for some key words on Twitter that are relevant to what you talk about, and favorite some tweets that you like by other people. Let them know that what you’re reading what they are saying, and then they’ll be more interested in what you’re saying.

How do I get ReTweeted?

The more people you share a common interest with, the more ReTweets you’ll get. The more ReTweets you get, the more people will see your tweets. The more people see your tweets, the more people will follow you… It’s a vicious cycle.

Dear Kris, I also have a large Twitter page but my ads don’t do as well and my engagement isn’t so good. What can I do?

Stop trying to trick your followers! This is the largest mistake I’ve seen MANY people make on Twitter. In the process of trying to grow another person’s Twitter page you will often see “Follow @KrisSanchez to gain 5,000,000 new followers now!” Usually, the number is a bit more reasonable, but you get the idea. THIS is tricking people into following you, or someone else… And let’s be honest, no one likes being tricked. These people are following you because they expect to be followed by 250 people afterwards and when that doesn’t happen, they don’t care about you. These people who followed you because they thought they were going to instantly become more popular, really have no interest in what you have to say and are less likely to ReTweet you or click on your links. They are also way less likely to remain loyal and THAT’S when you start to see your follower count go down. An organic following is the best following!

Another thing that I often see on Twitter are misleading ad links. Instead of seeing a regular link, you’ll see something like “Omg, look at these houses! pic-view-234clickme210.” This is called “Link Masking”. It’s misleading and borderline illegal. While we do make money off of sponsored tweets, the goal is not to trick people into clicking your link, it’s to tweet something that they will find entertaining… something relevant to your page. The only time it’s okay to make the link of a sponsored tweet look different, is if you want to stick to a certain branding. )Ex: turning to I changed it to because my page is UberFacts.

So far, I think that covers the basics! Keep an eye out for another post coming soon! If you have any questions or want to say “hi”, tweet me! @KrisSanchez

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