Danity Kane Is Returning…


Oh boy, let me start off by saying this: I liked some of their songs and I have nothing against the group. But, from a business perspective, I feel like they are going to be a big waste of time and money. Just like couples break-up, pop groups have their reasons for breaking up as well. Plus, Danity Kane only came out with two albums. It’s not like they were a superstar group, such as the Pussycat Dolls (who have not reunited) or NSYNC (who have not reunited and most likely will not). The Backstreet Boys have gotten back together and I share a similar feeling about their situation as well. Pop groups get back together when the majority of the group have not been able to establish themselves on their own. If they did, they’d have no interest in getting back together.

Take NSYNC for example, they are all doing relatively well (aside from Justin Timberlake who is the Prince of Pop and is in a totally different category). They are not going to get back together! Maybe they’ll come out with a few songs if we’re lucky, but they’re not about that pop group life anymore.

The Backstreet Boys really had no solo careers. Even though I think they’re pretty creepy now, this is obviously what they needed.

But back to Danity Kane, I’m not trying to take away any of their credit. They were the first female group in Billboard history to debut their first two albums at the top of the charts… First two and only two.

I really hope they can surprise me and exceed my expectations (which shouldn’t be hard because my expectations are pretty low). Good luck Danity Kane, you might need it.

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