Look Away From The Screen?

PrintYesterday, I tweeted about the 14-year-old teenage girl who committed suicide after being cyber bullied. Many people replied expressing some sort of emotion, but I also got a few disturbing replies from people who didn’t seem to care. The question some asked was “why didn’t she just look away from the screen?” Well, let’s discuss why below:

Clearly, looking away from the screen isn’t going to do much AFTER you’ve just read “go kill yourself.” Today, people often take advantage of the internet. The ability for us to talk to one another, without having to let the other person know who we are. No one in their right mind would walk up to some random person they don’t know and say “go kill yourself”. Honestly, I hope this haunts the people who did this; knowing that they were in some way responsible for the death of this 14-year-old girl.

There are two simple guidelines I follow to make sure I have a good online experience.

1) I don’t go out of my way to be negative, or feed into negativity.

2) I don’t say anything to anyone online that I couldn’t say to their face.

Just in case you guys didn’t know, cyber bullying can, in some cases, be considered a criminal offense. It’s never okay to take your insecurities out on anybody else. Let’s think about all the good things we can be doing with our time.

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