UPDATED: How I Was Scammed Out of $300

Freelancer.com LogoThose who know me know that I’m one of the most honest people you’ll ever meet. I’m caring, friendly, supportive, all that great stuff. Those who know me can also tell you that I have zero tolerance for any kind of injustice. Whether it be someone who gets away with murder, or someone who gets away with scamming, it is unacceptable. So, I’m writing this post as a warning to those who look to sites such as Freelancer.com to find work/people to work for you.

Long story short: I hired someone off of Freelancer.com to fix the UberFacts website. If you’re a fan of UberFacts and often go to the website, you may have noticed an “Error establishing database connection” message last week. Well, that’s because the website is very popular now. *Applause* Anyway, the website needed to be optimized. So what did I do? I hired someone to optimize the website, duh. After said person claimed to finish the optimization, I logged on to see that nothing was fixed. Of course I said that to the person, and after they failed to do anything about it, I hired someone else. (Letting him know that I was hiring someone else as well and that he no longer needed to work on the website). After clearly stating multiple times that he had not fixed anything and that I found someone else to do the job right, he still kept contacting me. Since, I had someone else working on it, things were back up and running. In an attempt to prevent this man from logging back into my system where I had OTHER people working, I told him “Everything looks better, thank you for all your help.” Did he help? I don’t think so. Did everything look better? Yes, because I had other people helping me.

After that exchange, this guy still wanted me to release the $277 payment that I had set aside on Freelancer.com for him, but I wasn’t about to make it easy for him to scam me. I created a dispute and let the case go to arbitration. Guess what happened….

FREELANCER gave him the $277! After I had paid $2,300 to someone else to fix what this guy didn’t and included screenshots of my conversations with the scammer. I was confident that my case and evidence was strong  enough to prove that this man did not do anything, but Freelancer failed to protect me. Now I need your help!

Please comment below stating your opinion on this matter. Was it right for Freelancer.com to give this man my $277 when he failed to do what he said he was going to do? After I paid someone else $2,300 to fix my problem? After telling him everything looked better? (Because someone else fixed it?) Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Let’s stand up for what’s right here.

Update: After all was said and done, Freelancer issued me a full refund and returned all of what this fraud was given. They’ve made their way out of the dog house, but I won’t be letting them into my home just yet. 

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  1. If this person did not complete the task he was given or it wasn’t done properly then he shouldn’t have gotten paid.

  2. Its not right to pay for a service that was never materialized! By the looks of the many RTs on twitter, freelance seems to be doing this often! Freelance should be investigated as stealing is a crime!

  3. Freelancer, why don’t you help this guy out like wtf

  4. He didn’t do anything. He shouldn’t be paid.

  5. This isn’t fare the man doesn’t deserve the money, he did absolutly nothing and deserves nothing.

  6. I run a decently sized ecommerce business and have been subject to such scams often. This is extremely bad business practice. And, if freelancer.com doesn’t mediate and protect you there’s absolutely no purpose for using them ever again. There are many other ways to find experts.

  7. People earn payment in exchange for work done, and as this guy did no work he requires no payment. Clearly Freelancer.com are stupid f***ers who owe you $277.

  8. As programmer, not enough info to comment on work. But the fact is the work isn’t done until client is satisfied. . It’s not ethical & not how I do business.

  9. Forget that I’d be pissed off, that’s your money and its not like the payment is disposable. Freelancer failed you, the work didn’t get done why should he be paid?

  10. This is unaccpetable, Freelancer. Taking all business elsewhere unless I hear from Uberfacts that justice is done here.

  11. Hey Kris, Dave from Freelancer here. I’m looking into your issue now, and have refunded the money as a first step.

  12. This situation is no different than going to a store like Walmart. If you purchase something, it is with the expectation you will receive it. If this were a matter of buying something at Walmart and the cashier refused to give it to you, then there would be no doubt the company was in the wrong. Internet scamming is as much of a blatant theft as any.

  13. Any reasonable person would agree that if there was no service provided or unsatisfactory service was provided that there shouldn’t be any money exchanged. Since Freelancer was provided proof that there was no service provided they should NOT have released the money. Bank/credit card disputes often require less proof to settle their cases. Get it together Freelancer!

  14. What BS.. freelancer should be ashamed of themselves! You should report them to the BBB… file a complaint and demand your money back…maybe even file criminal charges…against freelancer AND the jerk that took your money for SERVICES NOT RENDERED! Good luck, Kris… get the bastards!! 😉

  15. What a joke. He should not have been paid. And you should be getting a credit for the hassle.

  16. How could they pay him with no proof he accomplished anything? Take it up with the BBB you have the proof on your side. 🙂

  17. I hate stories like this. That man said he would do a certain task for you for a fee of $277. If he didn’t deliver on his side, he should never get his hands on the money. That is normal business practice. You paid for a service that was not done. Its like driving through a McDonald’s drive through, paying for the meal at the first window, and when you get to the last window, they close the store!! Arrrggghh it makes me so mad. Freelance.com is pathetic and should consider closing their website down or join a nigerian fraud syndicate, coz they are already robbing people!!!!!

  18. After reading this it seems freelancer does not actually do what it says it will. I won’t be using them.

  19. I am appalled that after all of your communication they still paid this scammer! Shame on Freelancer.com and kudos to you for not sitting down and taking it.

  20. No work= No pay!!

  21. Freelancer should refund your money, the first guy did not work, so he should not be paid!! Scammers!

  22. glad it worked out for you!

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