Why I Hate Unfollowers And Why Mean People Hurt My Feelings

Here’s the truth… I don’t hate unfollowers, I commend them, and I don’t get my feelings hurt by what people say to me on Twitter! Granted, there are people who don’t like reading mean things on a daily basis, I guess I’ve just come to terms with the fact that it’s my job and I get paid to be harassed to a certain extent. Now of course, I’m not taking the side of the people who do it. Let’s get real:

1) Unfollow accounts you don’t like on Twitter, follow accounts you DO like!

You’ll be a happier person. Besides, no one really likes people who complain ALL the time. Twitter is meant to entertain you, help you kill time, provide you with an easy way to get news and communicate with friends! Yes, even though I doubt your 200 followers really care that you’re doing number 2, I guess that’s what people tweet about! Point is, if you’re following accounts you don’t like and wasting your time complaining about them, your time must not be that valuable and you probably don’t have friends to keep you busy. This brings me to point number 2.

2) Being mean over the Internet doesn’t make you any cooler!

I always put myself in the other person’s shoes whenever I get those classic “I hate your hair tweets” or those “You look like a f*ggot” comments. I always have to say to myself, what is this other person going through that they thought saying that to me, would really make them happy! I also have to remember that there’s a great chance that they’re just doing it to get my attention – which is the case about 90% of the time. I’ve definitely gotten myself into that situation. I’ve fed the troll and have clicked on their timeline just to find a celebratory “OMG, @KrisSanchez just responded to me” followed by 10 smiley-face emojis. Come on people, up your standards! If you want to be noticed, do something great! Do something worthy of respecting! Make a funny joke, that’s always a great way to get attention. Thus, I end here with my conclusion.

Internet trolls are simply attention seeking losers who don’t know how to be funny and have no other way to get people’s attention.

A note to my fellow Social Media personalities, if you ever need any tips on how to deal with the BS that naturally comes with the position, tweet me – I have many effective ways of dealing with it. Some include tasty food!

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